Project Life: Week 40

I was clearing out Drafts folder and found this post. Not sure why I never published it, but here’s Week 40.

This was the week after I hurt my knee.

I didn’t have a whole lot to do during the week except sleep and take pictures of the cat and my crutches in various rooms of the house. Jason was super awesome this week, cooking dinner and taking care of the house. I also wrote about winning one of Megan’s mini books from Document Your Life Workshop, a fun conversation I had with my friend Melissa, and my Halloween socks.

The second page was made up of photos Jason took on his commute and the tech we bought that weekend. I also added in a little text exchange between me and my sister. It’s really important to me that I add in bits of the Little Man into Project Life. I’ve slacked off on that and I definitely want to keep that up. I also really like that I have a photo of Jason and me. It’s been awhile since we’ve taken one together and I miss seeing those in my PL.

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Lost and Taken freebie by Z Pearn
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Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more by clicking here. More of my Project Life posts can be found here.

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