Movie Marathons

Every once in a while we like to hole up in the house and watch movies all weekend. Sometimes we have a theme, like Stars of Twilight, but mostly we just take turns picking. Here are a few we’ve watched in the past month or so.

In honor of the final episode of Movielicious awhile back, I’ll use their rating system… Woot, Meh, and Lame

Plunkett and Macleane- This was the very first movie we watched together on Jason’s first visit to Nashville. Funny, a bit raunchy, great soundtrack. Woot.

Star Trek- I think this is the 4th or 5th time we’ve watched this, much to our friend Antoine’s chagrin. Woot.

It’s Complicated- We both liked this one a lot. We’re not necessarily the target audience, but it didn’t matter. Really funny. Woot.

The Island- Not as bad as the critics made it out to be. I liked it. Not really satisfied with the ending though. Meh.

Leap Year- This was awful. The characters are annoying, and the plot was totally predictable. Lame

Next- I’ve tried to watch this twice and fell asleep both times. It’s not terrible, I’m just not a Nick Cage fan. Meh

LOTR Return of the King- Another one I fall asleep to a lot. Still great though. Woot, of course.

Cabin in the Woods- If you haven’t seen this, run, don’t walk, to your Netflix queue and get it immediately. Do not under any circumstances look on the internet for spoilers. You don’t want to be spoiled for this. Trust me. Wootalicious

John Carter- Not too bad. Pleasantly surprised. Meh

Battleship- I wasn’t going to watch this one, but the first scene with the chicken burrito kind of hooked me a little bit. Another pleasant surprise. Meh

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter- I was fully prepared to hate this movie. I hated Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when I read it, so I thought it would be similar since the same author wrote both books. It wasn’t too bad though. Not my favorite movie ever, but it was ok. Meh

Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist- I liked this a lot up until the bathroom at the bus station scene. It made me want to puke. Pretty cute otherwise though. Meh.

Ghost Rider 2- So Lame.

Dark Shadows- Another one I was prepared to despise. I loved Dark Shadows the series and I was one of those fans that found the trailer to be utterly offensive. I swore I would never watch it. But I did. And it wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t awesome, but I did’t want to throw myself off the balcony like I did during Ghost Rider. The trailer is a bit misleading. There are funny bits, but it’s more love story + family drama. Meh.

Avengers- For the 47th time. Woot.

Would love to hear of any good movies you’ve been watching lately 🙂

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