Photo Walk: Downtown Nashville

I love downtown Nashville. So. Much.

I’ve spent so many hours walking these streets. Visiting my dad at work. Waiting on busses. Shopping. Going to plays and the museum. Running errands. Running for busses. Running to pick up my sister from school. Running to grab breakfast before work. And yes, falling on my butt once or twice from all that running.

I could write a book full of all the memories I have of this place. But until then, I’ll share a few photos we took when we visited Nashville back in November. I’m so glad we got to spend some time, just the two of us, walking around one of my very favorite places.

We took these in the space of about half an hour on our last night in Nashville back in November. They’re a mix of iPhone and big camera photos that I ran through Instagram with the Hefe filter.

Driving over the bridge.

This is new, I think.

I love the mix of architectural styles.

This is where my dad used to work. I would come here every day after school for years as a kid. As a grown-up I would meet him here for lunch (and sometimes a drink).
IMG_8997 IMG_8995


Inside the Arcade.
IMG_8993 IMG_8992

I sent off many packages to Jason from here while we were “courting”.

The ubiquitous Printer’s Alley shot.

The Batman Building.
IMG_8989 IMG_8988 IMG_8987

The stadium.

I could not get enough pictures of the fall colors when we were in Tennessee. 

Standing on the bridge has special memories for us. This is where Jason proposed.



Nashville, you make my heart sing.

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