Fast Fifteen

From Katie the Scrapbook Lady.

  1. Favorite Color – Blue (to wear), Grey (to decorate with), and Red (to look at)
  2. Favorite Movie or TV Character – Usually it’s whoever we’re watching currently, so I guess it would be Sydney from Alias.
  3. Favorite Candy –  chocolate and caramel
  4. Favorite Drink – mostly water, mango lemonade or salty caramel frappuccino for a treat
  5. Favorite Flower – carnations and daffodils
  6. Favorite Collection – Digiscrapping supplies and cookbooks
  7. Favorite Food – right now it’s meatloaf with collard greens and blackeyed peas. We’ve had that three times already this month.
  8. Favorite Animal – kitties!
  9. Favorite Movie –  Harry Potter, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Cabin in the Woods
  10. Favorite TV Show – Vampire Diaries, Buffy, Once Upon A Time (I like to escape reality)
  11. Favorite Season – Fall!!
  12. Hobbies & Talents – Digiscrapping, taking bad instagram pictures, reading, watching TV
  13. Anywhere in the world I would like to be or go – Too many to list here! Nashville, L.A., New Orleans, West Virginia, etc.
  14. What I love to wear – too often it’s yoga pants
  15. A way I like to relax – organizing my supplies and photos. It’s like meditation for me.

Thanks for the fun prompts Katie!

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