Interview with the Little Man

In 2011, I started a tradition of interviewing the Little Man around his birthday. I use the same series of questions, and I hope to continue doing this each year. This was the LO I made from that year’s interview.


This summer, I did another interview of him on video answering the same questions. I sat on it for a few months, then I saw a challenge from the Document Life Workshop. I knew it was about time that I did a page.

Here are the videos of the interview I did in 2012. Warning: they are not great quality. At all.  And don’t ask why they’re in portrait instead of landscape. I have no idea 😛

It’s cute seeing his little mannerisms, like shifting from foot to foot. His Dad is shifty like that too. 🙂

IMG 6060 from Jen Johnson on Vimeo.

IMG 6061 from Jen Johnson on Vimeo.

Here are the interview answers, in case you don’t want to sit through my terrible filming.

Favorite games- Supreme Commander 2, Synthesizer game on the DS, and Red Alert 3, Angry Birds Space, Dungeon Defender,  Zombie Farm, Munchkin, Zombie Fluxx, Go Fish

Favorite colors- Black, red, and blue

Favorite foods- The video got cut off, so I’m going to take a wild guess and say Pizza again, and thai food. He still likes vanilla frappuccinos and Daddy’s pancakes. He also loves ice cream and he raved about his stepdad’s bean soup once or twice this summer too.

Unfavorite foods- broccoli still, and my fish tacos (ha!)

Dislikes- Waiting in lines

Best Friends- Evan and Dakota

Then the video pooped out again, so I’ll fill in the rest.

Likes to read- Warrior Cat books and 39 Clues books

Likes to watch- G. I. Joe, Transformers, and X-Men

Favorite place- Florida

A new thing he can do- make Angry Bird videos

I wanted to keep the same general theme and colors for this year’s LO, so I picked a similar kit from my stash. I used the Sketch Challenge from Scrapbook Bytes as design  inspiration for the layout. Here’s the result…

Star Power by Connie Prince

Star Power by Connie Prince

Thanks for looking!

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