Project Life 2013 Plans

I thought I’d do a post on Project Life 2013, things I’m keeping the same, things that I need to change, etc. For me, this project is constantly changing and evolving. And I love that. (Even when it stresses me out). I know it’s almost a month into 2013, but I’m so not worried about  being behind this year.

Things I’m keeping:
The 365 approach. This has been the one constant through my years of doing PL. I know it’s not for everyone, but it totally works for me. Even though I’m a child-free house hermit most of the year, I can still find something to take a picture of almost every day.
Using the Becky Higgins digital templates. This is subject to change though. Sometimes I think I’m over the rounded corners. I know several designers who have similar templates, but squared off corners. I might give those a shot. But I will use blocked templates regardless.
Printing as I go. I started this at the end of last year and I could not be happier! I might possibly put us in the poorhouse with my need for printer ink, but as long as we can afford it, I’ll keep printing at home.
Inserts. Love love love doing inserts since I figured out how to do them in 8×8.
Using Momento to keep track of it all. Still love this app.
Three times Twelve. This was by far my favorite “project” of 2012 and I’ll definitely keep that up.
Adding bits of Jason and Little Man into my pages. Love doing that!

Things I’m letting go of:
Hosting a P365 challenge. I really loved doing this at SDD, but towards the end I was not very good at it. Not good at doing my own LO’s and not good at participating and encouraging the participants. Scrapbook Bytes has a different (and much better) system in how they do the challenges. I SO wish I had thought of setting up my own challenge that way! I’m totally kicking myself for dropping the ball on this.
Feeling the need to “keep up”. There are many weeks of PL that I haven’t finished. And I’m ok with that because I can go back and work on them at any time. Megan has been a great influence with her 2011 in 2012 Project Life.

New things to try:
Simplifying. I made things way too complicated last year. This will be a constant struggle I’m sure.
Using one “family” of kits. One thing that hugely contributed to my overwhelm last year was too much stuff. I tried to combat that by buying one of the core kits, but I just didn’t love it. What I did love was narrowing my pool of supplies. In December I rediscovered Connie Prince’s Project 2012 collection and fell in love hard. So I’m going to use that, and add in the new stuff for 2013 that she makes. Tiffany from Inspired by Dominic has also started making P365 kits, so I’ll be adding her kits as well. But that’s it. No looking for freebies. No looking at other designer’s kits. (unless I get totally bred, but I think this should be plenty to get me through the year). I don’t have time to make this a four hour process each week.
Dating my photos. I’m going to try this and see if I like it. I’ve found in the last few weeks that I’m really mixing up my photos each week. Maybe adding dates will help.
Incorporating my handwriting more. Either scanning or maybe getting a tablet.
Using my big camera more. You know… learning how to turn it on and stuff…
Incorporating more journaling. Not sure about specifics of this yet.
Including other short term projects. I wanted so much to include my Week in the Life stuff into PL last year, but I never made it. I want to add that, and 30 Days of Lists into the mix of my PL this year.
More pictures of me and Jason together.
Getting a better handle on things when we’re traveling this summer. This is my downfall. Every. Single. Year. This is where I fall behind. I document and we all take pictures like crazy, but they rarely make it into my books because it’s just so overwhelming going through the hundreds of photos I take each summer.
How I blog them. I like the way Elise has simplified her PL blogging. Sort of like filling out a form each week. I might try that.
Monday through Sunday. Last year was the first year I split up the weekends. While it didn’t bug me too much, I think I’ll keep them together this year. (although it’s such a habit now, I might slip up a time or two).

So there you have it. Are you making any changes this year? I’d love to hear about them. 🙂

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