Remembering New Orleans Part 2

Here are some more photos from our 2009 trip to NOLA. See part one here.


One thing that struck me about walking around the French Quarter was the many textures. Everything looked a little worn, but so charming. I took a lot of pictures of the sidewalks, doors, and the sides of buildings. Not interesting to anyone except me, but I loved all the textures.


Yay Bourbon Street!


Loved poking around all the tourist trap voodoo stores.


I took a lot of religious studies classes in college, so it was fascinating seeing the juxtaposition of Catholic symbolism and voodoo icons.


The way the streets are set up reminded me a lot of Palm Beach. You have the main streets, but you can duck through these ached alleyways and see courtyards with little shops or people’s homes.


This is a real guy! All painted in silver, except for his socks. Okay, it might seem obvious from the photo, but it’s very disconcerting walking down the street and seeing “statues” move!



By this point, we were ready for some refreshments and a rest. On to Cafe du Monde. And yes, the beignets really are as good as advertised!


Some more walking around. Loved all the colors on the buildings.


Then we went to the Saint Louis Cathedral. It was breathtaking!



This was, unfortunately, the last of our pictures in New Orleans. The camera was dead, and our phones were on their last legs, so we needed to save batteries.

Pictures we didn’t get to take-

Having a blast drinking hurricanes.
Walking the streets at night.
The front of the Bug Museum.
The fabulous jambalaya and seasoned potatoes.

This makes me so sad, but gives us more incentive to go back there! We had the best visit. Jason’s dad is an excellent tour guide and his brother had us laughing the whole time. We couldn’t have asked for a better trip. Well except maybe more pictures…

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