February goals

I’ve decided to work on monthly goals this year instead of making New Year’s resolutions.

Here were my goals for January

  • walk 40 miles
  • do 12 strength training workouts
  • continue working through my Project Life for 2012 and start 2013
  • work my daily housekeeping routines
  • make it to 250 blog posts
  • do some just for fun LO’s
  • use my big camera more

I did walk 40 miles. I think I actually walked a little more than that. Yay! I think I do a lot better with this kind of goal than I did with doing a thing every day for a set amount of days. I like having the option to skip a day here or there and double up on other days. I did a few longer walks too, and that felt really good. I’m still mostly walking in my house to exercise videos. That may not seem like a good workout, but you’re using weights a lot and the pace really gets up there on some of them, to where you’re actually jogging. I continued walking through some knee pain this month. (non-exercise related injury) and I’m pretty proud of myself for that. A+

I did not do 12 strength training workouts. I did do seven, which is seven more than I did all of last year. My enthusiasm waned towards the end of the month. After 20 straight days of muscle aches, I just got tired of it. C

I did a couple of PL pages, but haven’t blogged them yet. I did Week 51, plus my opening pages for 2013. I also started Week 1. B

I started out really well working my cleaning routines. That tapered off towards the end of the month. My house isn’t messy, but it’s not where I’d like it to be. C

This will be my 247th blog post. I have one already scheduled for next week, so I’m “this” close to 250. I can’t believe I’ve kept up with it for a whole year now! I was going to take a break this month with everything going on with Jason, but I found that keeping up with the blog actually helped me this month. A

I did some just for fun layouts. I’ll post more next week, but here’s the first batch. A

I did not use my big camera at all this month, except to photograph this Project Life post. F

Overall, I think it was a good month, considering everything that happened. Now, on to next month!

I’m going to repeat a couple of goals that I want to solidify, and add a couple of new ones.

  • Walk 40 miles again. (I’ll have to work a little harder to get this, since it’s a shorter month).
  • Add Pilates to the mix. I like Pilates a lot better than regular strength training, so maybe that will be more motivating. I want to do one or the other 3 times a week.
  • Try the stationary bike or elliptical. After 2 months of walking, I need to shake up my cardio routine.
  • Catch up on blog posts I want to write, or let them go. Who wants to read about Christmas in February?
  • Continue working my cleaning routines, and add in Weekly stuff. (ahem, mopping)
  • Have an awesome birthday.
  • Track meals for a week. I use the LoseIt! app.
  • Try some new recipes for foods I usually buy in boxes and bags. This is why.

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