Well my love’s team lost, so I won’t prolong this post any longer than necessary.

Some pics…

IMG_9143 IMG_914571819_610476162303020_1706871872_n IMG_9148

Some tweets that made me LOL.

(every day I tell myself it’s way past time to be over Grumpy Cat. Every day I get sucked back in).


Tom Merritt ‏@acedtect I didn’t expect that jelly. Totally unprepared.
Gavin Purcell ‏@gavinpurcell In a stunning turn of events, both SF & Baltimore agree Beyonce wins the Superbowl.
Miguel Bloombito ‏@ElBloombito Cuidado! El Blacko outo! El Beyonce show que blowo un fusero! Por favor to no looto!
Ina Fried ‏@inafried Meanwhile, CNET is no longer allowed to review light bulbs.

Zach Bussey ‏@zachbussey “Well son, your mother and I we’re cheering on the Ravens.. And then Beyonce sang.. And then the lights went out. And 9 months later…”

Some other thoughts.
Sandy Hook choir was so sweet. Great for them to do that.
GoDaddy comercial was disgusting. I can’t stop thinking of the slurping.
Commercials with horses make me cry.
Beyonce= awesome
Reunion of Destiny’s Child= awesomer
It was a great game, our 8th Superbowl together.

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