Day in the Life: January

Ali Edwards announced that she was going to do her Day in the Life Project on the last day of each month this year. I think it will be fun to do, since our days really vary seasonally. It will be neat to add these as inserts to Project Life as well.

January 31st was not my most stellar day, documentationally speaking. Hmm I guess that’s not a real word… I lost steam towards the end of the day. There are more pictures of my blue fingernails than there are of my husband. That will definitely change next month! It was pretty typical for the most part, except that it was Jason’s first day back at work that week.

Woke up and started listening to Stuff You Missed in History Class. (I was a little behind, thus the Christmas episode).

Packed Jason’s lunch.


MK begging for treats.


We did our usual morning stuff. The news was particularly bad that morning with shootings and kidnappings. Jason left for work, and I snapped this one of the sunrise sky from our front porch.


What I wore. Clearly I am a fashionista of the highest order. Capris and a cami with my favorite blue shirt over everything because it was chilly. Florida chilly, not actual chilly chilly.


My breakfast. Those smooshy blobs are eggs.


Cleaned the kitchen.

IMG_9158 IMG_9161

Snuggle time with Miss Kitty. Which for her means sitting on the same couch as me and biting my fingers. She is no snuggler.


Worked on a layout and videos for this post. The LO came together in a snap. The videos were not fun to upload and deal with. Not sure if I’ll be doing that again.

IMG_9164 IMG_9165

Lunch was my new favorite soup, cream of chicken with sherry.


Spent a little time organizing my digital supplies. I use a combination of Deep and TagIt


MK kept me company.


I seriously love my new blue polish.


The rest of the afternoon was taken up with finishing up laundry, taking out the trash, and other homey type stuff.


Jason got off late from work and needed to stop at the store on the way home, so he didn’t get home until 7-ish. He took this one on his way home.


We were both exhausted from lack of sleep the  night before. Stayed up too late watching Alias. I was really over taking pictures at this point, so that’s all I have. We ate dinner out of cans, watched Top Chef and the Mindy Project, and went to bed early.

Pretty boring, typical day. I seriously love days like this though. Such a wonderful departure from my days a couple of years ago. I love the slow pace. I really really love being at home.

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