Happy Valentines Day, and how I’m a failure as a wife

So I was debating on what to rite, if anything, to commemorate Valentine’s Day.

It’s been a rough morning. I might have texted Jason with a profanity laden diatribe on how much I hate printers and how I’m ready to give up scrapbooking forever. There may have been tears.

But then I got on Facebook and saw this gem, thanks to Stuff Mom Never Told You.


I, of course, immediately took the test, scoring a whopping 19 points. (apparently cussing and red nail polish were not huge hits in the 1930’s). This put me in the category of “Failure”.

Then I tested Jason with the husband’s version. I figured he’d get a higher score than me, but holy cow! He got a 96! (And I was kind of harsh with a couple of things, truthfully he could’ve gotten a 100). Clearly, as his score shows, he is a “Superior” husband.

My lack of children was an obvious detriment to my score, as was my love for garlic and onions. But the things that had me really laughing were the “marital congress” questions. Apparently his ardency is worth twice mine in points!

So on that note, I’ll bid y’all adieu. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

(and please tell me in the comments if you take the test yourself!)

1 thought on “Happy Valentines Day, and how I’m a failure as a wife

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