Delray Garlic Festival


The weekend before my birthday, we went to the Delray Garlic Festival. It was a gorgeous and sunny, but not too hot. Perfect for spending the day outside.


One of the most famous things at the Garlic Festival is garlic ice cream. I had some last year and liked it okay. Jason didn’t, but he’s not a huge fan of weirdly flavored ice creams.


My very favorite thing there is always the arepas. They’re sweet corn cakes with cheese inside that they fry up fresh for you. Soooo good! (I think the cheese is mozzarella, but I’m not sure).


My other favorite thing from last year was the corn on the cob, so I had to get that again.


The ambassador to the Garlic Festival is, of course, Mr. Garlic. It’s the same guy every year and he’s a lot of fun. Love his pimp-ish necklaces!


We skipped the Iron Chef competition this year, but we did stop to see a demonstration by Lindsay Autrey from Top Chef. She was so sweet and personable. She’s working as Executive Chef at Sunday House in Delray (right don the street from the Festival). We need to go there asap.


We got to sample her dish, Ricotta Gnocchi with crispy garlic chips. How have I never had gnocchi before?? It was super tasty.


I’d like to say we stopped eating at that point, but no… Next up was crab cakes for Jason and curry chicken for me. They were both delicious, but I was so stuffed we had to take my chicken home.



Before we left, I stopped at the Blood Bus to donate. I’m a peds donor and they’d started calling me every weekend, so I figured it was about time I donated again. That was an experience. To say they were disorganized is the understatement of the year. I swear I think it was my lady’s first day on the job. But it was worth it, and totally gave me the excuse to eat all day. “Oh I need another bite of your crab cake sweety, I’m donating blood before we leave!”

We had such a fantastic day. Can’t wait for next year!


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