Okay last birthday post…

Well probably not actually, since we haven’t gone to the beach yet. So technically I’m not yet 35 since the ocean hasn’t washed away 34 yet. But I digress…

So my birthday was on a Monday this year, which meant Jason had to work. But he had a Dr. appointment that day, so he got home early. Which meant I got to see him in daylight on a weekday, which was a nice present in itself.

This year we continued the tradition of getting me a Cookie Puss ice cream cake from Carvel. Jason has gotten me one every year since we’ve been married, except for last year when he actually MADE me a cake (!)

The conversation went something like this…

Jason: Do you want ice cream cake this year?
Jen: Are you going to help me eat it?
Jason: Yes, I’ll help
Jen: More than one peace? So I won’t end up eating the whole thing again?
Jason: I’ll have two pieces. *pauses* And you’ve been doing really good with not getting doughnuts at the grocery store.
Jen: It’s been three weeks…
Jason: So I thought as a reward for not eating doughnuts, I’d buy you an ice cream cake.
Jen: Sounds reasonable…


So I got a Cookie Puss. And Jason and the Little Man sang to me. It was awesome.


It was a really nice day. I got lots of calls and texts and FB messages. Lots of singing and birthday cards with kitties.

It’s also my BIL’s birthday. (All the cool people are born on February 11th). He sent me this video awhile back and I just KNOW y’all want to watch it. French kitties!

Thanks to my love for making every birthday (and every day) special.

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