We went to see Muse!

Jason scored tickets to see The Muse concert on February 22.. Not only tickets, but passes to be in the Club Section, i.e. where all the fancy people hang out. We are so not fancy, so this was a little worrisome. Also, I don’t have the best track record with concerts. As my dad will tell you, “Jennifer Does Not Like Loud”. But we went with our usual philosophy of We’ll be together, so it has to be fun. And it totally was!

Thanks to Jason, aka Early McEarlyson, we got there way ahead of time. So we wandered around and took some pictures.


After awhile we got in and found the club section. It was really cool up there. They had a buffet set up and it was an open bar. We were way up high, but it was a great vantage point. Our area was basically several rooms strung together. There was a bar room, a couple of buffet rooms, and a dining room. Each room had areas where you could sit at tables facing the stage. Then you go down a few steps and that’s where your seats for the show are located. I’m not explaining it very well, but here are some pictures.

The bar/ food area.


This is how high up we were.


A panorama pic.


Light checks.


We got some food and found a table.


They had some really good food. Pizza, chips and dips, a ton of desserts, and a carving station with the best turkey. Did I mention all of this was free with the price of the ticket?

Anyway enough about the food, on to the show.

The opening act was Dead Sarah. We liked them, but I always feel bad for the opening acts because nobody pays attention.


There was a little break for food and canoodling, then the show started!





It was Fantastic! If you’ve only heard “that one song from Twilight”, you’re in for a surprise. The rest of their music is a lot harder. The light show was phenomenal.

One of our favorite parts of the show didn’t have anything to do with the music. There was a guy a few rows in front of us and he was SO into it! He was jumping around, pumping his fists, enjoying his own private mosh pit of one. We accidentally got several pics of him. Here’s our favorite.


It was a really fantastic show. I’d totally go again if they come back. They put on a great show.

And now we’re totally spoiled with the “club treatment”. There definitely isn’t as much audience participation up there. Some people were obviously there for socializing and drinking, as opposed to seeing the show. But it was perfect for us, especially me, since it was a lot less noisy and I could walk around if I needed a break. And the bathrooms were right there, not a single line the whole night! It would’ve been worth the price just for the access to line free bathrooms. Seriously.

I think it comes down to what kind of concert experience you like. If you like getting down in the pit, catching a contact high, and general audience participation, don’t bother with the club section. But if you like a mellower atmosphere, I definitely recommend springing for the higher price, which isn’t all that much higher sometimes, at least once.

A really really great night!

2 thoughts on “We went to see Muse!

  1. We had those kind of seats for a hockey game once (Go Redwings!) and it sure does spoil you, especially the bathrooms!!!
    Love the part where you say, “we’ll be together so it has to be fun.” That’s pretty much our family philosophy, too. cheers!

    • The stadium we went to is also a hockey stadium so I could totally see us going to see a game there too 🙂
      That’s pretty much our philosophy on everything too. We’re together so it’ll be fun, or at least a good story to tell afterwards!

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