“Following in Daddy’s Footsteps” using Pinstriped by Inspired by Dominic

Here are two LO’s that I made using Tiff’s Pinstripe Collection. I can’t even tell you how inspired I was by this kit, especially the colors. Both of these stories have been on my “To Scrap” list for a long time.

First up is “Following in Daddy’s Footsteps”. This was a really special story for Jason and I’m so glad I finally scrapped it. The layout design was inspired by this page by Stephanie Howell.

Following in daddy's footsteps web

Journaling reads- In 1977, a very young Jason put his footprints in wet cement at a house in West Virginia. In 2009, [Little Man] visited that house, now belonging to his Grandma Z. It was so special for Jason to see his son standing in the same footprints he made as a child.

(And now that I write that, I realize the date is wrong. This happened in 2010).

Credits: Pinstripe Papers 1 and 2, Pinstriped Wordbits, Pinstriped Elements, Pinstriped Journaling Bits, Pinstriped Mats available here.

The second page, “Favorite Shirt”, was inspired by the Impromptu Challenge at Scrapbook Bytes. The directions were to scrap a favorite piece of clothing using colors/ patterns similar to those in the clothes. I immediately thought of my favorite shirt that the Little Man wears. And it just so happens that the colors in the Pinstripe collection go perfectly.

Favorite Shirt web

Journaling reads- This is my favorite shirt that [Little Man] wears. I love the color and it looks great in pictures, especially when there is greenery involved.. I make sure to ask his mom to pack it every summer when he comes to visit. I’ll be so sad when he grows out of it! March 2013

Credits- Pinstriped Elements, Pinstriped Papers 1, Pinstriped Journaling Mats, Pinstriped Alpha, Pinstriped Mats

Thanks for looking!

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