February Day in the Life

This year I’m joining Ali Edwards in documenting the last day of each month. It will be interesting to see how things change throughout the year. You can see January’s Day in the Life here.

This time my main goal was to get pictures of Jason and better document our evening. I always run out of steam in the evenings. The text is coming directly from notes I made in my Momento app.

7:03 AM Woke up w/ headache and snuggled in bed. MK was really noisy. Listening to The Raven Boys.


Got up and made breakfast for Jason while he showered.


I gave MK her treats and got myself together a bit.


Jason had breakfast at the bar while I got lunch ready. We chatted about the things we needed to do to get ready for Space X tomorrow. He nagged me to do software updates. We talked about the one time we went to a bar together, the Sheraton in downtown Nashville. (The snacks were great, but I got sick). I made up a song about man boobs. We’re usually not so chatty in the morning, but we’re excited for our little trip. Jason left for work (after a little canoodling at the door).


8:01 AM Had some cereal and water. Made the bed, loaded some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher.


Put away some towels and fed MK. MK constantly underfoot, running around and climbing into cabinets. Morning routine done!

9:00 AM Read a couple of blogs. Got a text from Jason saying traffic on 95 was awful and he was late for work. He’s Never late for Anything, so I know he must’ve been stressed out.


I put some chicken in the crock pot. I found a bag of random frozen chicken parts so I threw them in with a big bag of chicken breasts. Added seasoning for my basic crock pot chicken recipe.


Rebooted laundry, cat box, and took out the trash.

IMG_9477It’s really nice outside so I opened up the patio door.




9:34 AM Got spoiled for the Top Chef finale. Grrrrr…
Listening to old PRT episodes and trying to keep MK from scratching the screens.


10:06 AM Worked through some email, researched some digi supplies, and yelled at MK for scratching the screens. Closed all the doors and windows so she would chill out.

10:42 AM Had a GC burning a hole in my pocket, so I did a little shopping. (I bought the Project March kit from Connie Prince and some PL card templates from Designs by Lilli. I don’t ever buy from The Lily Pad, but I super love these templates and couldn’t resist).


11:28 AM Finished my third and last load of laundry. Yay! Looked at blogs for a few minutes. Had a snack of eggs and a handful of crackers. Crackers have become a staple this past week of recovering from this stupid stomach bug. I’m finding that eating a bunch of little meals is helping me more than eating three regular meals. If the food stays put, awesome. If not, I’ll try again in a couple of hours.


1:19 PM Worked on my 30 Days of Lists


2:37 PM Lunch! And omg I ate it before I remembered to take a picture! I’ve really gotten out if the habit if taking pics of my food. Anyway it was a big salad with tomatoes, blue cheese, and the chicken I made this morning.

Did my last mile for the month with Leslie.


3:11 PM Cleaned the fridge and started another load of dishes.

5:20 PM Worked in my Finding Photo Freedom class. I have the last 7 weeks all rated and tagged now which is a nice feeling.

Texted for a bit with Melissa. Then sent an embarrassingly personal text to her meant for Jason. Oops.

Went digging through some still unpacked boxes for my food scale.


6:40 PM Took a shower. Unloaded the dishwasher (again). Emailed my mom. Jason on his way home.

8:50 PM Had dinner. Got stuff ready for tomorrow. Watched the Mentalist.

9:26 PM (Tweet from Jason) RT @DepressedDarth: Call Yoda or call him not. There is no maybe.

 9:58 PM Relaxed and looked at more NASA stuff.half watched NCIS  Turning in early tonight

Observations: I’m not sure if I’ll be this detailed for awhile. My days are so similar it can get boring fast. I might try something different next month, like only use my big camera or only do b&w photos.

All photos taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram or Pioneer Woman free actions.

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