A few CT LO’s

I don’t know why, but I usually feel a lot more romantic in March than I do in February. I just cannot do enough LO’s about Love right now…

A Simple Love ellies and papers by Simple Girl Scraps

Journaling reads- We went to the bank the other day and the lady who took care of us said, “I remember you two. You’re so loving towards each other, always holding hands and touching each other”. It was embarassing and we both blushed. It’s weird when people remark on something that seems so natural to us. We just like each other, even after all these years.

Credits: A Simple Love ellies and papers by Simple Girl Scraps

What are you thinking? web

For this one, I just wanted something pretty. I’d seen the ribbon/ paper strip heart on a paper scrapper’s LO last week and it stuck in my brain. I knew I could do it digitally, so I tried a couple of ways, and this is what stuck. I had the thought of doing regular journaling, but nothing quite felt right, so I made a text layer, copied and pasted it a bunch of times, then lowered the opacity. I think it looks pretty. The journaling is a snippet of a conversation we have several times a day, every day.

Credits: Chocoholic Collab by Inspired by Dominic and Creative Visions

I have to say, this kit is super yummy. And it can be used for a lot more than Chocolate LO’s.

But you know I had to do one of those too!

History of Chocolate web

I think I’m developing a love affair with ribbons. Can you tell?

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