LO making spree…

I feel like the energizer bunny with LO’s this week.

This one started out to be a challenge submission, but I didn’t want to follow the rules. We’ll call this one Just for Fun.

Sept 2011 template by Crisdam Crafty by Partners in Crime

Journaling reads- My  Aunt Marsha is the crafty one in our family. You name it, she’s probably tried it. From card making to crochet. She made the blue dress in the photo for a wedding. She also repaired my mother’s wedding veil so I could wear it at my own wedding. She always has her crochet bag wherever she goes, and she’ll bring it out anytime she sits still. She is always making something for a baby shower or other event. She has made me two lovely crocheted blankets, one for my high school graduation and one for my wedding. She even made the dress I wore in my graduation.Now if I could just talk her into trying scrapbooking…

Sept 2011 template by Crisdam
Crafty by Partners in Crime

I love using big photos, but I don’t do it nearly as much as I should. Here’s one about our trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

hogwarts web

Journaling reads- We love going to see the Harry Potter World whenever we go to Universal. It really is magical to see the place you’ve seen in movies come to life. They did an amazing job recreating Hogwarts!

Hello Sunshine 4 FB freebie by Rainy Dayz Designs
Magic kit by Simple Girl Scraps

Here’s a LO for the All About Me Challenge at Scrapbook Bytes. The prompt was to write about our own personal “pot of gold”, something that we want in life.

My Pot of Gold web

Journaling reads- In Jen’s Perfect World, the people I love are healthy and happy and live closeby. But not too close. I continue to have a great marriage and we travel and have adventures together and somehow manage to be financially stable while we do so. That’s my pot of gold.

Project 2013 March kit by Connie Prince
March FB freebie template by Seatrout Scraps

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