Using a tutorial to scrap two pages

For today’s Document Life Workshop, we’re talking tutorials!

I find a lot of inspiration from paper scrapbookers. Whenever I’m feeling less than inspired, I’ll take a look through a few of my favorite paper scrappers’ blogs and my mojo gets an immediate boost. One of my favorites is Shimmelle Lane aka Glitter Girl. I used her tutorial to create two layouts using the same process.

Side note: I don’t care at all that these pages look so similar in composition. They’re going in different albums, so it’s no big deal.

This challenge was deceptively simple- use something up that you have a lot of. Since I have a bajillion journaling cards, I thought it would be fun to try and use them for something besides Project Life. I find using the standard 3×4 journaling cards a bit awkward on regular LO’s. But watching Glitter Girl confidently and simply tuck her card under the photo… I can do that!

Where I ran into a problem in this tutorial was the 6×6 pattern paper blocks. Mixing patterns is hard! (For me at least). So I turned to this tutorial on mixing patterns from different manufacturers.

Here is my first LO.

I used the same kit, but I still mixed patterns WAY more than I usually do. Otherwise I followed the tutorial pretty closely.

Listen to Your Heart by Simple Girl Scraps

Journaling reads- Jason’s first visit included- fun times at the Sheraton, helping me and my pants up really high hills, touring Nashborough Village, meeting my sister for Mexican in the Arcade, seeing the stadium, eating pie, getting to know each other IRL, and falling more in love.

Credits: Listen to Your Heart by Simple Girl Scraps

For the second LO, I got a little more brave and actually mixed the designers up a little. I kept the same LO structure, but the photos are vertical instead of horizontal.

best day ever web

Journaling reads- We woke up super early and drove to Titusville to see the SpaceX Dragon rocket launch. It was such an amazing day! After the launch, we toured Kennedy Space Center. We ran around like little kids. It was a blast! Every sentence ended with an exclamation point that day. Best Day Ever!

A Boy’s Life Papers by JenC Designs
Springtime Papers by Connie Prince
Be Awesome Journal Cards by Aprilisa
Capture Life: Spring ellies, flairs, and Word Bits by CridamD

It was fun to step out of my comfort zone and try a couple of new-to-me things. At this point in my scrapping life, I’m not really into using a lot of photoshop techniques. My pages aren’t ever going to be works of art. I’m more into the storytelling aspect right now. But I think sometimes that deters me from trying new things. So this was definitely a fun (and needed) challenge for me.

Thanks for looking 🙂

7 thoughts on “Using a tutorial to scrap two pages

  1. Great pages! I love Glitter Girl! Funny thing was I was going to do the same thing for this challenge but ran out of time. I love how you mixed the patterns.

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