One year ago…

We were recovering from this.


Yep, we moved on Jason’s birthday last year. Not by choice, it just worked out that way. It was… a day. We will forever be grateful to our friend Robert for helping us move. We literally could not have done it without him!

We started the day out by bringing a carload of things that we didn’t want to move in the big truck. We had our first breakfast at the new place.


It was a long day. Moving a whole condo full of stuff is not easy, especially with only three people. But we got almost everything knocked out that day. At some point that afternoon the IKEA guys delivered our new bed, mattress, and couch. And after moving boxes and furniture all day, Jason put the couch and bed together too. It blows my mind how hard he worked! (I would have gladly slept on the floor that night, but he wanted it all DONE).


So that was our Moving Day.

It’s crazy to think of this time last year and how incredibly stressful it was. In the space of a month and a half, my mom had surgery and we went to Nashville to be with her. Our landlord offered us a great deal on our condo, then turned around and sold it to someone else. We found a new apartment and had less than two weeks to move. Jason was offered a new job in a different town and left his job of 17 years. So many changes in such a short time!

But we made it through, because that’s what we do. We are Team Awesome. 🙂

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