Photo-less Scrapbooking

Sometimes you want to tell a story, but you don’t have photos to go with it. Don’t let that stop you from making a page. Those memories deserve to be documented too!

I’ve done a lot of “just journaling” pages in my time. Some are more successful than others. But I recently made a discovery that changed my thinking about photo=less pages, stacked papers! Okay I know, stacked papers are nothing new. But I never really paid much attention to them before. It seemed a bit like cheating, which is ridiculous because I use templates in 75% of my LO’s. Now that I’ve seen just how easy they are to work with, I think I will be doing more pages using stacked papers.

I used the prompt from this month’s All About Me Challenge at Gotta Pixel. I was in luck because I actually already had the journaling ready to go in Evernote. (I keep a long list of story and journaling ideas there. The original idea came from my Twelve class last year). I quickly looked through my collection of stacked papers, copy and pasted my journaling, and tweaked it a little to better suit the challenge. Then I added a title and viola! A scrapbook page in less than ten minutes, you can’t beat that!

A couple of notes to consider when using stacked papers-

Watch your placement. It’s kind of hard to see, but I had to use the eraser tool on the “1”. I wanted it to look like the number was tucked behind the leaves, not floating above them in space.

Adjust shadows as needed. My go-to shadow styles had to be tweaked quite a bit to get them to match the pre-shadowed stacked papers. Try to imagine where the light source is coming from and change your shadow setting for opacity, angle, and coloring if necessary.

15-25-35 web

Journaling reads-

When I was 15, I wanted to have a career in politics. I was starting to develop an intense interest in politics, but I didn’t want to be a politician. I wanted to be the next George Stepanopolous.

When I was 25, I wanted to be a nurse. I was fascinated with everything medical. I’d had a taste for hospital life and I wanted to be a nurse more than anything. I was taking a circuitous route, but I was determined.

Now at 35, I couldn’t imagine being in politics or nursing anymore. I’ve become so disheartened by both politics and medicine that I don’t want any part of those worlds anymore. I’m enjoying my brief time as a housewife and stay at home stepmom more than I ever dreamed I would..

I think in both of my former dream careers, I wanted to play a supporting role. I didn’t want to be the boss. I knew I would probably never get the recognition that I would’ve deserved, but I was ok with that. Now I’m in a completely different supporting position. But this time I do get to be the boss. And I get rewarded for my work every day with hugs and kisses and more praise than I ever received at a “real” job..

Let’s Go Fly A Kite Kit and Stacked Papers by Mandy King
(Mandy’s stacked papers are always made by CT member Rebecca)
Architect’s Daughter font

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