What’s on your….

Nabbing this great fill in the blank post from Ali Edwards this morning 🙂

What’s on your…

Vanity. I don’t have one, I use my dresser to hold things like my jewelry box and my seashell collection. Right now it’s also holding a big stack of picture frames. I’m moving pictures around in the bedroom.

Perennial to-do list. Laundry, plant maintenance, phone calls, cat maintenance, eyebrow maintenance, backup my HD, blog posts, LO’s, cooking, husband maintenance

Refrigerator shelves. Not a whole lot right now actually. milk, eggs, cheese, pickles, three random half filled jars of salsa.

Itinerary. New York next week (thus the near-empty fridge). Starting up our summer travel season with trips to West Virginia and Washington D.C.

Fantasy Itinerary. All of the above, plus a trip to California. This will be the first time in years that we’re not going, so it’s going to feel weird. Would love to sneak in a trip to Nashville of course. And New Orleans. And St. Augustine. Oh and we haven’t been to the Keys in awhile… ok I could do this all day….

Playlist- Mostly podcasts right now. The usual suspects- Pop Culture Happy Hour, all the How Stuff Works podcasts, PRT and the Digi 0Show,It’s A Thing, Bite Club, Mommy Beta, Trending Show, Frame Rate… another list that could go on and on…

Nightstand. Mp3 player, assorted lotions and hair ties, my pedometer

Workout plan. Pilates Mon-Fri. That’s about all I’m keeping up with atm, and only because it’s only 10 minutes. Started walking again yesterday. Hoping to get a swim in this weekend.

iPhone. instagram, todledoo, Momento, HomeRoutines, Tweetbot, Flipboard, LoseIt, GetGlue, GroceryIQ, foursquare. I also just sold my soul and started using the terrible Podcast app, which at least is a bit less terrible after the last update.

Top 5. Skype, nice long phone calls, physical PL, White Collar, cooking with Jason

Mind. packing list,  trouble getting on one of my CT forums, hanging pictures, printing photos, calling maintenance about my dishwasher for the seventy billionth time, the Mortal Instruments books

Blogroll. So so many. 

Walls on the favorite room in your house. Every wall is half completed, but hopefully that will be changing this week. Right now my favorite things are my family tree wall and the awesome quote Jason made for our anniversary.

Liquor shelf. This is hilarious because we’re not big drinkers. At all. So we have a Liquor Box on the floor of our laundry room closet. which holds all the (very dusty) bottles we’ve collected over the years. It has a couple of bottles of rum, a bottle of red wine I won years ago and we never opened, a bottle of vodka with maybe an inch left at the bottom, and our hurricane glasses from our trip to New Orleans.

Last credit card statement. I have no idea. Money became Jason’s domain after I over-drafted my checking account in 2006 and ended up paying $35 for orange juice. I hate everything to do with personal finance.

Screensaver. Something swirly. Jason comes along and changes my screensaver seasonally. Otherwise I’d still have pumpkins from two years ago.

TV every night. Recently we’ve been blasting through White Collar on Netflix.

I love these kind of fun little questionnaires. 🙂

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