Good Eats

Inspired by Megan bringing back Savory Sunday (yay!), I’m going to try a little harder to blog my noms. Not every week per se, just when the mood strikes. I’m keepin’ it easy.

Weekend before last, we had our friends Antoine and Heidi over for some grub. We always have a great time with them, and nothing beats introducing new people to the singing goats meme! They’re doing a big favor for us, so we wanted to make them a meal.

Jason and I cooked together for the first time in a really long time. Love love love cooking together. We need to do that more. Jason made his famous bread bowl. I made my homemade pizza and this cookies and cream ice cream recipe. The ice cream wasn’t a rousing success, but the super hot kitchen was more to blame than the recipe.

Speaking of super hot… 🙂


Here was part of our spread. I forgot to take pictures of the pizza.



Still loving grabbing fresh parsley from my balcony garden.



MK’s love affair with celery is alive and well.


I’ve made cheese soup quite a few times the past couple of months. I need to blog the recipe soon.


As mentioned awhile back, I made Jason an iPhone birthday cake.


I cannot take a good picture of steak to save my life! It tasted way better than it looked, I promise.


We’ve been eating crab cakes almost every week the past month or two. We could eat them every day. I can’t get enough fish. And we’re obsessed with cucumber salads.


I’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of taking pictures of what we eat. I’m still tracking my food with LoseIt! so maybe taking pictures feels like over- documenting. But I like doing it, and it’s fun to look back at our different food phases. Like when we used to eat pizza and egg rolls Every Week. And our Checkers phase. I’d call this past few months a soup + seafood phase. With a bunch of fresh produce thrown in. We’re still moving towards that ever-elusive “healthy lifestyle”. We’ll get there one day…

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