We picnic-ed

This weekend we went to Jason’s company picnic. It was a lot of fun, a really nice family event. One of those times where we kept saying “Little Man would love this!”. I was determined to participate in every kid activity, while trying not to make an ass of myself.


We played games, even entering my very first three legged race. (We came in next to last, right before a girl who was around six and her parent). But we did not fall, and that’s what counts, right? Another win for team awesome.

Jason played soccer, football, frisbee, and threw velcro darts. I spectated. And took pictures. And if eating corn on the cob was a sport, I totally would’ve killed it.



We met a lot of people and got to hang out with Jason’s boss and his family, who I hadn’t seen since we went bowling last year.

I consumed way more sugar than necessary including a snow cone and cotton candy.



Great day and a good time was had by all. They really know how to throw a pretty nice shindig. 🙂

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