iNSD Challenge at BPC- Summer 2013 Bucket List

Last weekend was (inter)National Scrapbook Day. I’ve celebrated several iNSD’s since I started scrapbooking, but this one was different. I had a budget of $0. I was a little bummed about that, but I was still able to acquire a bunch of freebies! I will always be grateful for the generosity of designers who share their awesome goodies for free.

I needed something to occupy myself on Sunday, so I looked around for a few challenges. I love challenges! I’d say 95% of the pages I’ve ever made have been for a challenge of some sort.

Big Picture Classes had ten fantastic challenges for iNSD and I did 7 of them! (I’ll probably come back and do a couple more of them at some point). I loved all the inspiring pages from some of my favorite scrapbookers.

The first challenge was to fill out a form. I can see several pages coming from that, so I’ll share those at another time. I did make six other pages for challenges at BPC. I’ll be sharing them in the next few days.

The first challenge was to make a Summer Bucket List. You know I was all over that one! I’m a big fan of bucket lists for each season. Here is last year’s list and a post on what we accomplished. (I can’t believe I never blogged about our St. Augustine adventures! I’m terrible at blogging our travels).

Here’s my page showing this summer’s Bucket List.

Summer 2013 Bucket List web This is one of my favorite pages! Not just for the subject, which is super fun in itself, but I love throwing all these trendy things one one page. Stripes, flairs, mustaches, stamps, journaling cards, chevron, arrows, and washi! It is trend-tacular 🙂

Here’s our list:

  • swim
  • beach
  • water park
  • parks and nature walks
  • document our adventures
  • football
  • soccer
  • comics
  • roller skate
  • basil lemonade
  • pizza
  • ice cream
  • skateboard park
  • birthday party for the Little Man
  • epic road trip to West Virginia and Washington D.C.
  • 4th of July party

I looked at the list and got a little bummed because there are so many BOY things on the list, so my personal addition is to paint my nails in pink sparkly polish. Okay that’s a little gender normative of me, so let me rephrase that. There are a lot of things that involve being outside and getting sweaty doing things that require coordination. So I’ve added an activity that requires sitting still in my air-conditioned house. Much more up my alley 🙂

Layout credits:
Just Be You Kraft, Alpha, Everyday Stuff, Messy Stuff, and Elements by Simple Girl Scraps
Lobster and Lavendar Lime fonts

8 thoughts on “iNSD Challenge at BPC- Summer 2013 Bucket List

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  2. Fun list! Summer in Florida just naturally beckons us to the great outdoors.. but of course, it also requires us to keep a back-up list of indoor activities too (like painting sparkly pink nails!) Enjoy the summer sunshine and stay dry in the afternoon rains!

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