New York adventures: Getting there

Jason and I went to New York from April 22-26. We took around 2,000 photos. Yeah, that’s a lot. In order for me to tell the New York stories without completely losing my mind and being totally overwhelmed, I’m going to break them up into small, bite-sized chunks. It might take a week, it might take a month. Probably closer to the latter. But I’m fine with that.

So here goes…

I guess I should start out by explaining how we got to go to New York in the first place. Jason had to go for a work trip, and I was lucky enough to get to come along. Jason lived in New York as a very small child, but hasn’t been back since. I’ve never been that far north, so we jumped at the chance to explore a new place!

We knew Jason would be doing a lot of work during the trip and we wouldn’t have a lot of free time but we wanted to make the most of it. So we did what we always do when planning a trip, we started making lists of things we wanted to do. We had to do things on the cheap (a surprise trip to New York was not in our budget this year!) But I think we did a pretty great job fitting in a ton of fun things.

We woke up at 3 am on Monday and headed to the airport for our 6 am flight.


Nerd humor- Blue Screen of Death at the Best Buy kiosk.


Security was surprisingly hassle free. I almost always get pulled aside for extra screenings at PBI.


I found a super cool app that let me grab a bunch of videos from YouTube to load on my iPad to watch on the plane. I watched a lot of Shimelle and Glitter Girl that week! (The logo in the top left came with the free version. It didn’t bother me at all though some might find it distracting).


Jason mostly worked during the flight, but found a little time to read.


He takes great in the air pics. I can’t sit in the window seat because I get airsick and looking out the window makes me want to puke. (Things that make Jen want to puke are a running theme throughout this trip).


New Jersey, we are in you!


Newark airport is ginormous. You have to take a train to get around, like in Atlanta.


Got our bags, rented our car, and we were ready to roll!



Next stop- Staten Island

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