One year later: Our patio garden

Last year, as an early Mother’s Day present, Jason took me on a plant shopping spree. Amazingly we still have a couple of those plants! Yes, most were killed or eaten, but I’ll chalk that up to learning experiences. This is what it looked like last July.

So here’s a little tour of our patio right now. (Sorry for the dark-ish pics. Spring in SoFlo means rain every day last week so it was pretty overcast when I took these).


This is our first year growing tomatoes, and it’s been super successful so far!


My iris are getting crazy tall! I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do with them, maybe a bigger pot…


Last year’s mint is humming right along.


I am notoriously bad at keeping basil alive, but this guy is going strong.


After a rough winter, the Wandering Jew is finally starting to perk back up. The pink plant is thriving. We got the parsley late last summer and it’s doing fantastic! I cut off sprigs almost every week. Last year’s impatiens are still growing strong. I still don’t know how, but they’re like the Energizer Bunny of Plants.


We’re hoping to get a few more plants in June once we get back from our summer travels. Then hopefully it’ll be a long summer of eating from and enjoying our little garden!

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