Beachy LO’s using Tropical by Ohana Designs

I have a weakness for beach themed kits. Posibly because I have hundreds of beach photos. 🙂

We found this tiny, nearly deserted beach tucked away in Boynton. We should really go back there one day.

Tropical kit and alpha by Ohana Designs

Tropical kit and alpha by Ohana Designs

This was one of my favorite days with Jason ever. (Though it started out pretty crappy). Our first trip to Key Largo was just… magical is the only word I can think of to describe it. Pretty hokey, but true.

I wish the photos were better, but these were from our old Blackberry’s I think. And you can see Jason with hair!

Swimming in Key Largo web

Journaling reads- How many people can say they learned how to swim on a beach in Key Largo? We went to Harry Harris Park, which has a rocky beach.. The water is a tidal pool and very calm. It was the perfect spot for swimming, Jason was very patient and a wonderful teacher. Luckily it wasn’t crowded., so it wasn’t too embarassing for a 30 year old flopping around in the water. trying to learn to doggy paddle. I won’t say I became an excellent swimmer that day, but that is where my love affair with the water really began. May 28, 2008

Tropical kit by Ohana Designs (some recoloring)
Template by Seatrout Scraps
KG Like A Skyscraper font

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