IMG_0884*Photo via LM’s mom 🙂

We are in the home stretch. The Little Man will be here on Saturday!!!!! As always, we are beyond excited, and a little nervous.

This will be the first time in years that we’re not traveling to California to get him. (You can see last year’s trip here and here).

At the end of the summer, he’ll be moving to North Dakota, so this will probably mean the end of our California trips for a while. That bums me out a little, but we had a great few years going there to pick him up. And one less trip for me and Jason means we can concentrate on other things.


On the “gagenda” this week is… well not much actually. Which feels so weird, because we’re usually in a frenzy of activity this time of year. His room is still the same from last year. He didn’t want anything new for it, but Jason put up a little Nerf basketball net for him (that’s going to get annoying pretty fast I think). I’ll wash his linens, dust, and vacuum in there, but that’s pretty much everything that needs to be done.


SO ready for him to be here already!

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