New York Adventures- Welcome to Tarrytown!

Jason and I went to New York from April 22-26. We took around 2,000 photos. Yeah, that’s a lot. In order for me to tell the New York stories without completely losing my mind and being tonally overwhelmed, I’m going to break them up into small, bite-sized chunks. It might take a week, it might take a month. Probably closer to the latter. But I’m fine with that. You can see more of our New York adventures here.

The drive from NYC to Tarrytown, New York is about an hour. Tarrytown is like a totally different world from the city. It’s such a great little town. Everyone is nice. The streets are clean. It’s the kind of place you want to go to retire. (Which coming from Floridians, that means something).

We checked into our hotel. Jason had to go into work for the afternoon, so I unpacked and relaxed at the hotel. When he got home, we headed out to explore the town.


IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0278 IMG_0286 IMG_0290

IMG_5840 IMG_5841

We had dinner at Main Street Pizza. Our first authentic New York pizza! It was really tasty. I’m usually not a fan of thin crust, but this one was delicious.



And that was our first day in New York! It was a loonngg day, but so much fun.

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