The girlification of Jen

The past couple of weeks have seen a shift in the way I take care of myself. It’s partly due to being more mindful of what I’m eating, which has lead to a bit of weight loss. It’s partly due to many conversations with my friend Melissa involving nail polish. But mostly it’s due to the summer. For us, the summer means traveling. For me in particular it means that every year, I have an “Oh crap” moment where I rediscover the fact that I have no clothes.

So we went shopping.


And I found my new favorite thrift store. So I shopped some more. Remember the Thrift Store video? I was totally singing that in my head the whole time.


And then there’s my newest addiction… nail polish. The sparklier, the better. It’s a sickness. I blame you, Melissa.


And lastly, there’s this. I hate tanning more than I hate shopping. But I like for my parts to match colors. And I plan on rocking my thrift store and Kmart capris all summer, so that means I need a little “artificial enhancement” on my gams. (I think that might be the most embarrassing thing I’ve written in the whole history of this blog).


There you go. I’m a sheep. I’m totally buying into the Beauty Myth. Like, literally. I hate spending money on this kind of stuff. But one thing puts my cheap little heart at ease. Knowing that it takes virtually no time to peruse the   Essie $8-a-bottle nail polish display that screams “Summers hot new colors!!!”, then head right on to the Wet N Wild section and find the Exact Same Shades for $1-2.

And knowing is half the battle.

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