#30Lists Days 16-19

I started my second round of 30 Days of Lists in March, but I lost track of it around the middle of the month. When I saw they were offering a self paced version of the lists, it reminded me I still needed to finish mine up. (I’m not affiliated with 30 Lists, I just think it’s a fun project).

So here are my lists for days 16-19.

list 16

Fall Out Boy (My songs know what you did in the dark)
Imagine Dragons (Radioactive)
Today’s Hits Pandora station
Monsieur Pamplemousse audiobooks

list 17

Bad love affairs
Family drama
The kind of work it takes to live happily ever after

list 18

Have made a ton of layouts
Done a ton of laundry
Given lots of hugs and kisses
Travelled to New York
Cried a little
Laughed a lot
Cursed my dishwasher almost daily
Reconnected with my best friend and my sweet cousins
Shared some really personal stuff
Cooked a lot
Blogged a lot
Took family photos
Made tentative plans to expand our family
Had big conversations
Broke up with my gynecologist
Started taking charge of my health
Worried so so much about Jason
Watched an inauguration
Tried Green Smoothies
Went to Oshogatsu
Went to a food festival for my birthday
Gave blood
Grew Tomatoes
Went swimming
Attended Baconailia
Contributed to a worthy cause
Went to a concert
Tried valiantly to lower our grocery bill
Started exercising
Stopped exercising
Started back up again
Went on a picnic
Welcomed the Little Man back home
Drew on the sidewalk in chalk
Played football
Saw a rocket launch
Decorated our bedroom
Made a lot of soup and salad
Started tracking my food with LoseIt
Helped a friend through a loss
Made a birthday cake
Went clothes shopping
Read 42 books

Wow, that was a lot…

list 19

Travel to West Virginia and Washington D.C.
Love on my guys
Love on Miss Kitty
Get a part time job
Savor this time in my life to the absolute fullest

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