#30Lists Days 20-23

I started my second round of 30 Days of Lists in March, but I lost track of it around the middle of the month. When I saw they were offering a self paced version of the lists, it reminded me I still needed to finish mine up. (I’m not affiliated with 30 Lists, I just think it’s a fun project).

list 20


I am a big believer in “things happen for a reason” and “learning experiences”

I am definitely sorry for things I have done though.

list 21

Hurricane Season on the horizon.

list 22

That great station out of Miami that I can never think of the name of….
“Roxanne” (but only at 1 a.m.

list 23

Dislocated knee in 2001 and 2012
Fractured pinky toe in 2000-ish
Nail in foot in 1999
Door versus head in 2004

Funny how all my injuries happened as a grown-up.


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