Right Now- Little Man edition

He still loves video games- Transformers and Zombie Farm are favorites.
He’s still into sidewalk chalk and Angry Birds.
He’s a better swimmer this year, even with no practice.
He slips up and curses occasionally.
He seems more interested in throwing the football than kicking the soccer ball.
He wears his bruises and scratches as badges of honor.
He’s nervous about moving and starting a new school.
He misses his California friends.
He seems a bit quieter this summer.
He’s listening to Hank the Cowdog before bed (which makes me super duper happy).
He loves grapes.
He seems to be taking a page from our book and wants “experience presents” over toy presents.
He’s loving the old iPhone we gave him.
He wants to take videos.
He loves making panorama pictures.
He has crafty ideas, like raincoats for his Angry Birds made out if an old beach ball.
He is SO into the goat video meme.
He has more clothes than me and Jason put together.
He uses “manly” bathroom products.
He talks like Cartman sometimes.
He still loves comics.
He shares my love of cheesy pop songs.
He likes Lord of the Rings.
He’s a total daddy’s boy.
He wants to learn to skateboard.
He’s determined to climb the biggest tree in the yard.
He gets more brave every year.

I did a similar post last year. I love seeing how things have changed, but the fundamentals seem to stay the same year after year.

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