Summer Bucket List update

We’ve reached the halfway mark with our summer with the Little Man. It has flown by! We never ever have enough time to do everything we want to. Ever. Which makes me sad. But I’ll have plenty of time to be sad next month, so no sense in rushing that.

Here are the results of our summer bucket list so far-

  • swim- Check, plus a couple other times.
  • beach
  • water park
  • parks and nature walks Half Check. We did a few things on our trip, but we still want to squeeze in some local parks if we can.
  • document our adventures- Check. I’m using a combination of Project Life cards + Instagram + Momento to keep track of things. I’m also trying to slip in a few blog posts here and there for remembering the routine everyday stuff. I’ll gather everything together and do something with it this Fall.
  • football- Check. Much more football than soccer this year. We started a new tradition of playing during rest stops while on the road too.
  • soccer- Check.We’ve played every day this week.
  • comics- Check. We went to the comic book store and he racked up a few, most of which he’s read already today.
  • roller skate
  • basil lemonade
  • pizza
  • ice cream
  • skateboard park
  • birthday party for the Little Man- in the planning process. This year it has been INSANE trying to plan something. Long story, but I think I finally have an idea that’ll stick.
  • epic road trip to West Virginia and Washington D.C. Check Plus. I probably won’t write about it until August or September. (I still need to finish up New York). But we did it, and it was awesome!
  • 4th of July party

A pretty good start, I’d say!

I’ll post some pictures soon. iPhoto and I aren’t getting along super well right now.

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