Ten Things

Prompts taken from Ali.
Some more things about the Little Man this summer…
Watching. Big Bang Theory every day. GI Joe. Funny cat videos and Project Spark videos on you tube
Loving. Comic books, epic angry birds battles, swimming and water slides
Wanting. A skateboard and for the summer to last longer.
Eating. Everything in the house. He’s always hungry. Favorites are honey but cheerios, Dr. Pepper, grapes, salads, Chipotle, anything sweet
Playing. Zombie Farm, transformers, Ace Combat, foozeball, soccer, football
Singing. Radioactive, all the goat memes, lots of commercial jingles
Asking. For snacks and to go outside several times a day
Negotiating. For sodas. (He has to drink all his water for the day before he can have one) Side note: Jason came up with the best dinner compromise last week. LM tried his fish and didn’t like it, so Jason said he could skip it if he had a salad instead. Charles jumped at that offer very quickly.
Wearing. T shirts and shorts, tennis shoes with neon yellow laces. He wears pretty much whatever we put him in, I’m not sure he’s figured out “his style” yet.
Looking forward to. Our remaining week and a half together and all the fun we’re going to squeeze in.

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