I’m taking 15 minutes…

to quickly jot down a few thoughts.

Really enjoying documenting Day in the Life today. I think it makes us more productive, though it’s exhausting on an already sleep deprived day.

This is the start of our last week together as three. This breaks my heart, but I’m pushing it aside to really savor the togetherness right now.

Photos I want from the next week-
more pics of the three of us plus Miss Kitty
Me and LM playing soccer, need to enlist Jason’s help for that
A last few pics of LM in my favorite shirt ever.
Birthday party pics

I’m exhausted nearly to the point of tears every single day.

I’m so blessed to have a wonderful partner. He is, as always, the best.

Eating has taken a turn for the worse this week.

Oh yeah I still need to make a grocery list.

And clean out the fridge.

But making up songs about Zombie Farm is so much more appealing.

Sunflowers looovveeeee…… brains!

Super inspired by everyone who’s participating in the Find Your Voice workshop. I have thoughts bubbling up on that.

Really really really hoping Jason doesn’t have to work too late tonight. I do not see how that man is functioning at such a high level right now. He’s a trooper for sure.

I caught the football quite a few times today… and only once with my face!

LM is being so helpful around the house. He fixed my laundry room doorknob, and I haven’t had to take out the trash all month.

My plants all probably hate me, and rightfully so.

This is such an awesome and wonderful and magical time right now, but it’s always tinged with sadness.

We need to figure out what we’re doing for the 4th.

We really need to figure out what we’re doing tomorrow.

Just when I think my to-do list is shrinking, it starts expanding once again. But most of my to-do’s involve fun things, so it’s all good.

And there goes my timer… laundry calls…

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