Watching How I Met Your Mother. We started watching this on Netflix Streaming the night LM left, and we’ve already plowed through the first season and a half. So hilarious! And I finally found out where this quote came from last year, which is… wait for it… awesome.

Reading blogs on Feedly. Finally. This has been a month long trial trying to find an RSS reader after Google kicked it’s Reader to the curb. When Reader stopped, unfortunately so did my beloved Flipboard. I’ve loved Flipboard for a long time, but despite what they promised my feeds did not get migrated over and I stopped getting 95% of them. I tried Bloglovin’, but they don’t have categories, which I desperately need. And I got cranky that all my feed info was public by default with no easy way to change it to private. Which in the grand scheme of things is NBD, but I was having a crappy day so it turned into a BFD. Enter Feedly. I was able to import my old OPML file, so now I have all my feeds, and I’m busily sorting and organizing them.

Listening to Anna Kerinina. I’m almost finished. This might be one of my longest audiobooks ever, almost forty hours. I’m not sure what to say about it that hasn’t already been said. There is a lot more about farming than I expected.

Making lots of LO’s.

Feeling nervous, chilly, inspired.

Planning my first guest blog post.

Loving that Jason’s coming home early today.

Playing with Aperture. And loving it!

Looking forward to the new PL class coming up.

Applying for part-time jobs.

Missing LM. Always.

Thinking of going back to digital PL for a few weeks.

Enjoying the quiet.

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