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DSC_0003 IMG_4099 This is LM’s last week in Florida. On Thursday he’ll be taking the trip to his new home with his grandparents. We’ve been lucky enough to see him almost every weekend since he went to stay with the gp’s. He’ll come stay the afternoon with us on Saturday, and after that, it’ll probably be another year until we see him again. This is the part of the year that I dread the most, the brief time between him leaving and when we start planning for next summer.

This is also the time of year when Jason and I tend to be most productive to keep our minds off things. He’s been so busy at work, with no ending in sight. He’s getting back into music again, which is so fun to see. It seems to feel a bit freeing for him to not be collaborating with anyone right now.

I am loving the new memory in my computer. It’s going so ridiculously fast! Programs are running so smoothly. I text Jason every day telling him how awesome it is.

I’ve been having a few nice phone calls lately. Slowly coming out of my summer cocoon and reconnecting with family again. Yay for Face Time!

I’m smack in the middle of a weight loss plateau right now. Frustrating, but it happens to everyone. My body just needs time to readjust itself. I will probably do a Clean Week next week and see if that jumpstarts things back in the right direction.

I’m getting the urge to declutter and decorate. My closet is looking pretty rough right now and we’re running out of coat hangers. That’s my sign that we have way too many clothes and it’s time to start donating.

I’m super excited to start this fall’s garden. I planted tomato seeds last weekend and crossing my fingers that they’ll start sprouting soon. It’s been years since I’ve tried to grow anything from seed.

*Also, I just realized I’ve never talked here about the calendar Jason made for me last year! He did it in iPhoto, just dropping in pictures taken from each month in 2012. One of my favorite presents ever 🙂 The calendar shows LM at the airport, Tropical Storm Isaac, and reaching 100,000 miles on the car.

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