Boy Stuff


Earlier this week, the Little Man finally made it to his new home in North Dakota. He seems to be really excited, which is a big relief.

School will be starting very soon. This was the topic of much conversation over the summer. He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to leave his friends. He wanted to come live with us.

There were a lot of tears this summer. From both of us. I would often find myself closed off in the laundry room or bathroom crying. It’s incredibly hard hearing how he wants to be with us, and knowing there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

He has gone back, and he seems ok so far. He has a new phone, so he’s able to text whenever he wants, which has been awesome! He sends us pictures, and it’s fun to compare notes at the end of the day on who got what kind of photos.

We always keep his bedroom door open. I can’t bring myself to turn off his night light just yet. It feels as if that will make his absence from our house more real. And I am all about denial.

I know I’ll feel better once he settles into school. He is such a wonderful, outgoing, smart kid. I know he’ll make friends easily. That is one good thing about moving so much, you learn to be social. You learn resiliency. I know he’ll be fine. Because he’s part of the Awesome Family. And we do things awesomely. 🙂

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