Around here.

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I have been feeling the urge to move lately. I love our place, but Jason’s commute is terrible so we’d love to find a comparable apartment down south. I want to be sure to capture our favorite bits of our place right now, so I’ve been taking pictures of things around the house.

I have a gift for my sister in mind and it’s been fun playing with paint this week.

There have been many, many work calls interrupting our sleep lately causing me to drink more coffee than usual. We’re also going into work on the weekends now, which stinks.

We finally made it to Rorabeck’s for the first time this summer last weekend. I went a little crazy buying produce, but we’ve been really enjoying upping the veggies! I tried making zucchini chips for the first time, and I’m working on creating our new favorite taco dinner ever!

The little bit of free time Jason has in the evenings has been spent watching TV. We started Orange is the New Black, but it’s not exactly relaxing after a hard day of work, so we’re going to hold off finishing that until his schedule slows down, hopefully in November (crossing fingers!) We finished up this season of Next Food Network Star, and I think we’re finished with that show forever. The search continues for a new comfort show….

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