“Lights” using Shine by Mandy King

This summer I saw a post on the Nerd Nest about photographing sparklers in fun ways. Since we got our big camera last year, we’ve taken a ton of photos. But we haven’t delved a lot into all the cool things you can do in Manual mode. I just happened to have some glow sticks lying around, so we headed outside to make some magic πŸ™‚

Here is a layout I made with some of the cool photos we got. (I’m still going through the couple hundred photos we took that night, so I’ll do another post with bigger pictures soon.

Shine by Mandy King WA by Word Art World template by La Belle Vie

Journaling reads:
We went outside one night with the camera to try and capture some fun effects with glow sticks. It was neat to see the patterns we could make by changing a few camera settings. We made circles, swirls, hearts, and even had a light saber battle!

Shine by Mandy King (ellies, papers, and stitched papers)
WA by Word Art World
template by La Belle Vie

5 thoughts on ““Lights” using Shine by Mandy King

  1. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I love all of your layouts and stuff that you share. I would like to know what you do with all of them as you have so many different kinds of ones. Do you put all of them in one book as you go and get them finished or do you have specific books for certain layouts? (the ones of you when you wee younger, you and your sister, when LM is with ect.) I have it stuck in my head that I need to do them in “order” but there are ones I would like to do and not wait till I have completed the others. I would really like to talk to you more about this,

    • Thanks for reading! Oh I can talk for DAYS about organizing my pages, lol. I think I’ll do a big post on that, but my short answer is… I cannot scrap chronologically. I tried it for about 5 minutes when I first started and I thought my head would explode! I make LO’s as inspiration strikes, whether that’s from a memory, a challenge, or a cool kit. Once or twice a year someone who loves me (usually my dad) will give me a GC to Persnickity and I’ll print a bunch out. I sort them into books using Stacey Julian’s Library of Memories system. So I have different sections for my immediate family (Me, Jason, LM, and Miss Kitty), another book for People We Love (my parents, sister, heritage LO’s, in-laws, etc). I have a huge book for Places We Go (houses we’ve lived, our town, and travel LO’s) In each of these books I have my LO’s organized mostly chronologically within each section. I also have a Seasons/ Celebrations book where I put Christmas and other holiday LO’s. Those are sorted by the time of year, all the Christmas LO’s together, but going chronologically through the years) Does that make sense?
      I would say, because I’m really into giving unsolicited advice, lol) that if chronological scrapping isn’t doing it for you, then don’t let it stress you out. Some people love doing it that way. My friend Tammy scraps that way and it gives her a sense of accomplishment to check pages off that she’s complied. I would absolutely hate scrapping like that, but it works for her.
      I do keep a loonngggg Master List of pages I want to scrap. If I’m stuck, or have a particular themed kit to do for a CT this list comes in handy. But I mostly just scrap things as they come to me, then print a huge batch and sort them into albums. I knew pretty early on that printing bound books of layouts wouldn’t work with the way I scrap. One minute I want to do a “Right Now” page, and the next I want to scrap about my childhood. A strictly linear approach would drive me crazy and make scrapping feel like a chore.
      So now that I’ve written a book, let me know if you have questions πŸ™‚
      Don’t feel obligated to scrap certain pages! Go where the inspiration takes you!
      Now I sound like a big ol’ hippy πŸ˜›

  2. This is what I kind of thought but wasn’t for sure. I have so very many pictures from the last several years and so many of them I want to get in a book and the stories told. Some times I just get so over whelmed and I know I do it to myself. Guess I just need to break away from my way of thinking and do as you, scrap what feels right at the moment. Thanks

    • It might help you to make a Master List of pages and stories. I do this so I won’t forget anything. As I’m scrolling through photos, if a story strikes me I’ll make a note of it in Evernote. I will probably never be able to scrap all of those stories, but that’s ok. That might help you, unless lists stress you out, then forget I ever said anything πŸ™‚

  3. I love lists. In fact can’t wait for the 30days of list to start up… I keep a mental list running in my head but you are probably right it might help if I write them down and cross them off as I do them. I think that is what gets me is I don’t think I am getting anything done, but I know that many of them won’t every really be finished. (The 4 I have started for each of my grand kids)

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