From the Vault: Currently

I’m clearing out my Projects folder and moving my completed LO’s onto my EHD. Along the way, I found a bunch of pages that I haven’t blogged yet. Here is one of them.

Make A List papers, brushes, and highlights by Inspired By Dominic

I’m not sure why I never blogged all the pages I did for the iNSD at BPC challenges. Yeah, back in May… I know…

For this page, I took the journaling straight from my first Currently post from last September. I love looking back at posts like that to see what was on my mind at that time.

Journaling reads:

Thinking about breakfast

Feeling good about starting a fresh new day.

Hoping for a good diagnosis when we take the car in for a check up.

Struggling with someone who makes it a point to come around every 4-6 months and tell me what a horrible person I am.

Watching new fall TV shows and a few old favorites.

Listening to the fan whirring overhead and wondering how the heck I’m going to dust it this week. (We have high ceilings and I’ve been putting it off way too long).

Celebrating finishing my last Amelia Peabody book yesterday. I wanted to reread the series after the Little Man left. They make me smile.

Dreaming about fall weather and the holiday season.

Anticipating a couple more good swims before it cools down.

Mulling over ways to get more protein in our breakfasts.

Remembering I need to marinate those pork chops.

Pushing my new laptop to it’s limit.

Planning to finish up a summer photo book today. (or tomorrow).

Making a few more pages for end of month assignments.

Smelling new fall candles.

Loving this time of year.

Make A List papers, brushes, and highlights by Inspired By Dominic

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