Little Man’s 11th birthday extravaganza

This is how we celebrated Little Man’s birthday this year. (on June 30th, not his actual birthday, which he spent with his grandparents).

We woke up late (for us) at around 8. We’ve been hearing about Nick’s Diner from our friends Antoine and Heidi for months, so this seemed the perfect time to try it out. Nick’s is a 50’s style diner with pretty cool decor and a jukebox playing fun 50’s and 60’s music. They serve breakfast all day, so we went with that. It was really tasty, especially the hash browns! And oh my lord, the biscuits…

IMG_3324(I’d show the food, but the lighting and all the red made our pics look super unappetizing).

We had to make a couple of stops to get a few necessities/ cupcake liners before we could go home. We tried to be sneaky, but our lack of planning made things a bit stressful.  We finally made it back home and LM was still not suspecting anything.

Jason told him they  were going to go outside and “check the mail”. Instead, they went to the movies! They saw Superman in 3D and really loved it.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was busy making Zombie Farm cupcakes! Also wrapping birthday presents in baby shower and Santa wrapping paper. And trying to keep the cat from eating the balloons. But mostly making cupcakes.


It started storming pretty hard when they got out of the theater, so I had to hustle to get things done so they could come home. My zombies look a little janky, but zombies aren’t supposed to be pretty anyway 😛


I ran around like a crazy person trying to finish up, and they went to Starbucks to kill a little time.


At this point, LM still didn’t know what we were planning, so it was a big surprise when they  came home to cupcakes and presents!




IMG_3383 IMG_3384

Opening presents. He got a book, some HexBug stuff, an RC helicopter, a new mouse, and a case for his iPod touch. And a skateboard.

IMG_3412 IMG_3446 IMG_3454

Of course the Birds had to get in on the action too.


We went outside for Jason to show him his awesome skateboard moves.


Somehow I only got video of LM on the skateboard and no pictures, so here’s one I took the next day. This dude is too cool for school!


We went to hybachi for dinner. LM has requested Saito’s every year for awhile now, and we were happy to oblige! Love it there.


Sometimes it’s physically impossible for me to take a picture with my eyes open…


They always put on a good show.


The guys got chicken, and I got chicken + shrimp. We all ate WAY too much.


When we got home, we played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.


Before bed, we had cupcakes and ice cream.


This was a really great birthday. It was probably the most stressful party I’ve ever put on, with all the plan changes, but SO worth it! I’m glad we did it earlier in the summer so we could watch him enjoying his presents. The best part was that he was totally surprised! He’s used to us having the party on the last weekend he’s here. I think we all like it better this way 🙂

You can read about last year’s party here.

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