Yay for technology!

I have a confession to make.

I’m not so great at using the phone to call people. Including the Little Man. Jason is much better with that than I am. They talk several times a week, sometimes short calls, sometimes for an hour or more. I consider it a good month if I talk on the phone to LM twice. Bad stepmom, I know. I also know that it probably gets annoying to Jason that I’m always saying “Tell him…” or “How was…?” when I’m perfectly capable of calling him myself and asking.

But this school year things are much different. His mom has finally decided that he’s old enough for his own phone. Which means we can call or text whenever we want without having to call her phone and bug her. Which is awesome!


Now he texts me in the mornings and afternoons from the school bus. They’re not long conversations, but it is so great to see his texts pop up first thing in the morning!


And now I can ask him all the 500 random questions that I think of throughout the day. He doesn’t seem to mind the daily interrogation about his day, his friends, and what he’s had for lunch. I actually feel like a part of his day, which is a totally new and wonderful thing!

4 thoughts on “Yay for technology!

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