Day in the Life- June (part 2)

I’m joining in with Ali Edwards and her Day in the Life project this year. Our DITL for June 1st was so big that I broke it into two parts. I did part one waaay back in June, so I’m playing catch up. Warning- this post is filled with blurry photos. That’s what happens when you’re literally shaking with excitement. If you are offended by blurry, badly- lit photos, this post is not for you.

When we last left our heroes, they were waiting on the arrival of a certain Little Man. After several delays, his plane finally landed!


Seeing him after almost a year was the absolute best! He had grown so tall! After much hugging and such, we headed to baggage claim. I went into Crazy Camera Lady mode and snapped a few pictures as we walked through the airport. These are some of my very favorite pictures from the whole summer, despite the bad airport lighting. (Which I say that almost every picture is my “very favorite”)

Can you tell he’s super happy to see me? 😛


Shenanigans in the car and our first picture of all three of us together 🙂




When we got home, we sat in LM’s room for a bit.



And got reacquainted with Miss Kitty.




He tried out his new basketball hoop.




We could not stop smiling!




We went outside for a little football before it got dark.




Then back inside to catch up on funny You Tube videos.








And a little Sweet Brown. LM still knows the whole song by heart. Ain’t nobody got time for that!IMG_1038


The guys ended the evening by watching TV in 3D. So cute in their glasses 🙂




And that was our Day in the Life for June 1, 2013.

More Day in the Life posts can be found here.


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