From the Vault: Me and You

I’m clearing out my Projects folder and moving my completed LO’s onto my EHD. Along the way, I found a bunch of pages that I haven’t blogged yet. Here is one of them.

Another Day by Pretty In Green

I feel like I’m moving towards a simpler phase in my scrapping journey. More streamlined, fewer clusters. Though it nearly killed me to not use shadows on this one! I like it though, reminds me of some of my first pages. Maybe I’m regressing?

Journaling reads-
Dear [Little Man],
I really loved spending this summer with you. It was so fun playing soccer and doing science experiments together! Thanks for taking out the trash and fixing the laundry room doorknob. You’ve been a great help around the house this summer. Thank you for letting me take a bajillion pictures of you. Now I have a bajillion scrapbook pages to make! This was a super awesome summer and I can’t wait for next year!
Love, Jen

Another Day by Pretty In Green

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