How I’m tackling Week in the Life this year.


Next week I’m joining Ali Edwards and many other people in documenting A Week In The Life. If you’ve never heard of WITL, check out Ali’s blog. It’s a super intense week of documentation with photos and words..Some people make albums from all this documentation. Some people add it to their Project Life. Some people blog about it.. That’s what I did last year.

It’s crazy looking back at last year’s WITL. We had just moved and I was still unpacking and organizing. Jason just started his new job. Miss Kitty, not used to the new house yet, was keeping us up at night like a newborn. LM was living in California. It was a fresh start for us, and a very welcome change (for the most part).

Things are different this year, but not too drastically. Jason is in a very busy season at work right now. MK and I have settled into our routines at home. We are all eating better and moving more. This time it’s LM’s turn to be in a new place, exploring his new city and traversing this strange thing called Middle School.

So what does this mean for WITL this year?

I’m going to still take a ton of pictures, aiming for at least 50 a day. Hopefully they will be much better photos this year now that I have a newer phone and a DSLR.

I’m going to use the Momento app to document again. I’m pretty excited, because in the newest update they have the option to set alarms to prompt you to make journal entries. And as always, Momento gathers all your social media info into one place.

I will be blogging every day, probably the next morning. I think I’m going to copy and paste the journal entries directly from Momento for the posts to keep things simple.

I am making lists! Lists of photos I want to take every day. Lists of photos I want to take during the week. Lists of prompts. I’m way more organized this year, which is what happens when you’re not trying to unpack a whole house!

I’m going to look around for inspiration, but I have a pretty set idea on what I want to do with all that documentation. Depending on how many pages they end up being, I’ll either add it to my Project Life, or I might make a Blurb book if all that documentation gets out of control.

I’ll be doing this all digitally. I have two template sets that I’ll be using. The basic structure of each day will be 4-6 pages, depending on how many photos I take. I know things will drastically taper off towards the end of the week, so they will probably need less pages, which is fine. This will be my first time actually doing something with all this documentation, so I’m keeping it simple.

Page 1- title and big photo
Page 2- words and a couple of photos (probably just copying and pasting directly from Momento)
Page 3- words and a couple of photos (weather, news headlines, meals, general observations, gratitude).
Page 4 and 5- 9 photo grid, so 18 photos for both pages. (This might change, but I want some sort of photo grid)
Page 6- Photo collage

Like I said, this is subject to change, but I have it all mapped in my head and it looks awesome! It’s a very similar structure to what Ali has done before, only in digital instead of using page protectors, if that helps you picture it.

There will be minimal, if any, embellishments. I want clean, simple, linear.

I would love it if my extended family would join in. If I can get enough participation, I might make more pages showing what they’re up to.

I will be harassing Jason and LM mercilessly to send me pictures.

I can’t wait to get started!

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