Day in the Life: August

I’m joining in with Ali Edwards and her Day in the Life project this year.

A few observations from DITL this year so far-

This project has ebbed and flowed for me this year. I have skipped a couple of months purposefully because it just wasn’t doing it for me. Some months I’m super excited for it, some months I almost dread it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE documentation. As I’m typing this, I have plans for Week in the Life next week buzzing around in my head. I’m very excited for that! But I’m giving myself permission to not do major documentation every month.

Also, I just realized that I’m not doing it the same day every month. I’m gravitating more towards documenting the first of the month. I like that feeling of having a fresh start. I think my point here is, it’s important to make these projects work for you and your life.

I decided to skip July’s DITL documentation since that was around the time we had LM’s birthday party. You can see that day here. On to August!

there was not a ton of documentation for August 1. It was a normal day for me at home. Lots of time on the computer window shopping and getting the new month’s challenges from my favorite sites. It was also the first day of my 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge.


Miss Kitty jumps in the bed with me some mornings when Jason gets up.


Jason’s breakfast. He’s going through a waffle phase.


He was kind enough to snap a pic on his way to work.


I love how the morning light through the shades makes stripes on the walls. Makes me smile every time.



Morning chores.


My breakfast.


Catching up on blogs.


Doing a post for a new release from Mandy.


Walking with Leslie Sansone.


I figured out how to stream my podcasts to the TV, so I watched some Shimmelle as my reward for working out.


MK interrupting my work. Such an attention hog!


I made this LO, which I blogged about here.

Another Day by Pretty In Green

Listening to music.


I didn’t get any pictures during the evening except this one of our dinner. Caribbean rice with turkey sausage and squash.


There ya go, August is in the books!

More Day in the Life posts can be found here.

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