Project Life Lessons

I’m taking the Project Life Lessons class this month at BPC. In the pre-class materials we were given a few questions to answer so we can better get a handle on our process and see what’s working and what isn’t. Here are my answers 🙂

Where are you in your Project Life journey?

That’s a long story! I started digiscrapping in 2010, and almost immediately discovered Project 365. The concept of taking a photo every day sounded fun, so I jumped on board immediately and started clicking away on my iPhone. A lot of digiscrapping websites offered weekly challenges, so I joined one of those and eventually became it’s hostess. I loved the social aspect, and the challenges kept me motivated to stay up to date. During 2010 and 2011, I chugged along, making single page LO’s with any template I could find that held seven photos. Then Becky took PL into the digital realm and I started using her templates in 2012. I also switched to doing double page spreads for each week. That became super overwhelming, and there are still parts of 2012 that aren’t complete, but I’m totally ok with that. When the Jade edition came out this Spring, I bit the bullet and decided to give paper a try. I love it, but I’m having a harder time hammering out my process using the physical kit. And I’ve stopped sharing my pages completely, which I kind of miss. So here I am, a digi girl dipping her toe into the paper world and feeling a bit lost.

Why is Project Life important to you?

PL, and scrapbooking in general, have completely changed the way I view my life! I notice the little things more. I have a sense of gratitude for my everyday life. I truly believe that everyone has an interesting and important life. Nobody is too boring! Yes, I take a lot of pictures of food and my cat. But that’s my life right now and I love it! Project Life has become so engrained into who I am. It has led me to blogging, and to a great community of talented, creative friends, which I’m so grateful for.

Why are you taking this workshop?

I’m a big fan of Megan and Elise. (And quickly becoming a big fan of Anette now that I’ve seen her work!) I knew I could learn a lot from both of them, and I’m always interested in how other people approach PL.

What about your Project Life process is not working?

I’m still not super comfortable with the paper side. I haven’t quite figured out a process I love yet. Budget constraints are really hampering me this year with printing and buying new plastics and binders. I have to work with what I already have, so I need ways to get creative with my supplies.

What is working?

I love taking pictures. I love writing. I love my Momento app for putting it all together. I love the simplicity of putting things in pockets. I love having a place for memorabilia.

What specifically would you like to get better at in your process?

I don’t mind being “behind” at all. I’m not on a schedule. But I would like to knockout a few of those half-finished layouts. I’d like to find ways to pacify my love of inserts with my need for simplicity. And I would like to share more. I’m looking for that sense of community that I lost when my favorite digiscrapping site shut down.

Jot down three reasons why your life is important and deserves to be documented.

Because I’m awesome!
I don’t do any of this for future generations, I do it because I enjoy looking back at the fun things we’ve done as a family.
Since I started PL, I stopped working at a hospital, started and stopped working at a digiscrapping site, and became a housewife. My husband changed jobs after working at the same company for nearly twenty years. We’ve moved. We’ve travelled to amazing places. We’ve started new hobbies and eaten new foods. We’ve had many (many!) quiet nights at home. I’ve read a couple hundred books, and we’ve watched a bajillion hours of TV. And all of that is documented somewhere. So many things have changed, but also stayed the same. I want to document it all.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what these ladies have in store for the rest of the class!

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